Social Media & eFundraising

Social media and efundraising is a growing area for nonprofit organizations. It is only going to get larger and more important. There are more social media that anyone would want to see listed here. They run the gamut from online special interest clubs to crowd funding .

Electronic or digital fundraising—efundraising—can make effective use of social media, email, websites, or any aspect of what is becoming called the sharing economy. Money can definitely be raise by even smaller organizations in this arena, but where social media and efunraising excel for even the very smallest of nonprofits is in the process of communicating with a community of donors and prospects.

Nonprofits who are slow to get on the bandwagon of social media and efundraising are failing to take advantage of opportunities that can grow into significant contributed income sources as well as a major pipeline delivering future support. The millennial generation will soon be entering its prime years for those seeking support for nonprofits, and for millennials, giving online may be the avenue of first resort.

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