Capital Campaigns

A capital campaign is a fundraising campaign that usually raises a large amount of money for purposes such as constructing a building or purchasing major equipment. Think of it as a campaign for raising money to fund the acquisition of anything that would be capitalized on a balance sheet.

These days just about any fundraising campaign that will rely on large gifts for the bulk of funds raise and is in support of a single purpose is referred to as a capital campaign.

Articles about Capital Campaigns

In Search of the Elusive Major Giver

What a Major Giver is How to find them What you need to have in place before conducting a Major Gifts Campaign Your organization needs money. Big money. The kind of money you can't raise by going out and asking for donations of $10, $20, $100, or perhaps even $1,000....

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Capital Campaigns: Building for Now

A capital campaign raises money that will be spent to acquire or improve a physical asset. The most common use of a capital campaign is for the purchase, construction, or renovation of a building (commonly referred to as "bricks and mortar"). However, an organization...

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