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Raise-Funds.com contains articles, discussions, blog posts, curated content, and other materials and resources about how to raise money, nurture relationships, and build support for nonprofit organizations.We believe you’ll find the content useful if you:

  • Manage a nonprofit
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Managed by David Patterson, Raise-Funds.com was founded in 1997 by Tony Poderis. In December 2014 Tony retired from the site and Dave, who for many years had managed the site and was one of its contributors of content, took over complete responsibility for it. Raise-Funds.com commits a cardinal sin of websites by posting long articles. That’s because we write in detail about dealing with issues and needs of nonprofits. Not all our content is long, just a lot of it. Not all content on Raise-Funds is necessarily in agreement. We encourage active discussion, and our writers may disagree over how to accomplish the goals of nonprofits. In our Resources Section we have posted a number of worksheets useful for running fundraising campaigns and addressing other issues of nonprofit development and management. These are in PDF format. Feel free to download them and use or modify as you need.

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  • We are contacted at raise-funds permissions¬†with a request to do so. Permission will not be withheld from reputable websites serving the nonprofit community. Commercial websites will undergo greater scrutiny.
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Zuri Group generously provides hosting and email services for Raise-Funds.com. Based in Bend, Oregon, it helps nonprofits worldwide succeed in fundraising and development efforts through the use of technology. It has no control over and bears no responsibility for the management or content of Raise-Funds.com.

Thank you for your interest in nonprofits

Raise-Funds.com has been described as “…a graduate degree in fundraising.” While that may be a bit hyperbolic, we appreciate the kind words and thoughts that have come our way. All of us who contribute to and support Raise-Funds.com do so in appreciation for the opportunities we have had to work in and support the nonprofit sector. We believe strongly in its value and admire and respect those who have committed their talent, time, and resources to nonprofit organizations. Content posted on Raise-Funds.com is a gift to the nonprofit community.