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Four Basic Nonprofit Website Disasters to Avoid

An organization’s website is the first place people go to learn about the organization. If the website doesn’t deliver the goods, it can be the last place they go. read the full article

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After the Pandemic

John Murphy, CEO of Zuri Group, has posted an article on LinkedIn encouraging discussion about the future nonprofit organizations and fundraising after the corona virus pandemic settles down. He’s looking for comments and thoughts.

Do Not Ignore Nonprofit Basics

I recently saw a LinkedIn posting searching for a marketing director for a nonprofit with national and international ambitions headquartered in my geographic area. I usually check out such job postings as possible indicators of the direction nonprofits may be moving...

Landing Pages for Small-Gifts Campaigns

Email and social media are absolutely great tools for soliciting and achieving small gifts. That's especially true for mini campaigns trying to raise money for tightly defined specific purposes. You develop a strategy for taking the campaign to the digital...

What Causes Do Celebrities Support

What philanthropic causes do men and women support? Are they the same? Is there a coherent difference? Designer David McCandless includes in his book Knowledge Is Beautiful an infographic that answers the question for celebrities. Now we all know that the famous are...

Tribalize for Donor Commitment and Loyalty

One of the reasons I like reading predictions about how things that seem to be changing will impact our lives is that they make me think. While reading TrendWatching.com's 10 Trends for 2015, I got to thinking about how some of what they were predicting might...


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