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Four Basic Nonprofit Website Disasters to Avoid

An organization’s website is the first place people go to learn about the organization. If the website doesn’t deliver the goods, it can be the last place they go. read the full article

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Raise-Funds is dedicated to providing information that can help nonprofit organizations survive and grow. Content falls into three main areas:

  • Articles about nonprofit fundraising, management, governance, marketing, and communication.
  • A blog calling attention to whatever catches the fancy of site editors and contributors.
  • Curated content drawn from online and other sources.

Raise-Funds was founded by Tony Poderis, who was shortly joined by collegue and friend Dave Patterson. Dave is the site’s editor and publisher. Tony passed away on October 17, 2017. The site is managed by Dave Patterson with generous support from Zuri Group. It is a gift to the nonprofit community.