Donor Relationships

An organization’s relationship with its donors collectively and individually is the lifeblood of its fundraising efforts. Those relationships deliver vitality to everything an organization does to raise money. Weak donor relationships yield weak fundraising outcomes. But far too many nonprofits have focused far too often on those fundraising outcomes—the money—rather than on the donors of that money.

There is no contributed income without contributors. This is no chicken-or-egg thing. Before there is a gift, there has to be a giver.

Successful fundraising efforts are based on well cultivated relationships with donors. Know your donors and respect them. Understanding what has and will continue to motivate them to prioritize their commitment to your organization and its mission puts you are on the path to a steady flow of contributed income.

A successful development operation is donor centric.

Articles about Donor Relationships

Building Donor Loyalty

These eight articles have been edited into a book format. While best read sequentially, each is a stand alone article.