Below are a variety of resource documents on subjects from leadership to soliciting. Their purpose is to provide supportive tools for the arguments presented in the articles. They include templates for donor communication, best practices for fundraising, and more. 


All nonprofits have volunteer leadership—at the very least a board of directors or trustees. The board of a nonprofit organization is crucial to fundraising success.

Planning For Fund-Raising

A nonprofit organization needs fundraising policies and practices so that it doesn’t have to make decisions on the fly or miss opportunities. All organizations and disciplines need to define the policies and practices by which they will operate, and nonprofits are no different.

Prospective Donors

Successful fundraising efforts are based on well cultivated relationships with donors. Know your donors and respect them.

Solicitor Information & Training

A nonprofit solicitor needs to understand where its best chances for funding reside. They need to know how best to reach the sources, both individual and organizational, likely to respond to its mission and appeal.

Fundraising Campaigns

Common to all campaigns is the need for organization and management. The best campaign planning in the world will come to naught if the campaign is poorly executed or weakly managed.