This Website Is for You

Are you responsible for raising or do you help a non-profit raise contributed income? Are you a:

  • Trustee responsible for annual budget
  • Chairperson of a fund-raising campaign
  • Volunteer campaign solicitor
  • Development Director or other staff
  • Fund-raising consultant
  • Individual, corporate, or foundation funder

Answer yes to any of the above, and this free website has been created for you. Here you’ll find:

  • Thoughtful articles about fund-raising philosophy and practices
  • Realistic, how-to articles that can help you achieve fund-raising success
  • Short takes on fund-raising news and ideas
  • A library of worksheets and forms you can use free of charge

Yes, this is a FREE site. Tony Poderis, its founder, main contributor, and author of the acclaimed book It’s a Great Day to Fund-Raise, has distilled his nearly four decades of fund-raising experience to share with any and all who want to help nonprofit organizations achieve success and financial health. Joining Tony, other experienced fund-raising pros also contribute their hard earned wisdom.

In addition, visitors to the site are encouraged to comment and share their experiences and questions.

Newest Article 

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