What philanthropic causes do men and women support? Are they the same? Is there a coherent difference? Designer David McCandless includes in his book Knowledge Is Beautiful an infographic that answers the question for celebrities.

Now we all know that the famous are different, but how different? Does McCandless’ graphic reflect what the rest of us support? My first inclination was to say yes. But then I realized something wasn’t there. Can you see what’s missing from the infographic? Hint: it’s really big.


In 2013 the Lilly School of Philanthropy of Indiana University Indianapolis conducted research in the US that found, “Donations to religious congregations represent about 40 percent of household giving nationally. This is giving for primarily religious activity or spiritual development.” Lilly’s report additionally pointed out that the 40 percent is over and above the one-third of US giving that goes to religiously identified nonprofits.

Do you see anything else missing?