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We Call It Development
But What Is It Really

When setting up a new development shop or restructuring an existing  one, the last thing you should be worrying about is—well—development! The modern development department succeeds not because an organization has had an epiphany about the need to raise money, but because… read the full article

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Do the Rich Have too Much?

Ah yes, don't discuss religion and politics it is often said. And why not? They're a pretty big part of our total being. At stake, are our livelihood and spiritual lives. The "politics" thing, however, does have me walk with some care on a rocky and sometimes perilous...

Hiding Major Donors from Foundations

April 2, 2011: The other day I came across yet another instance of a non-profit's leadership huffing and puffing about a potential funder's request for the names of their top ten individual donors to support the organization's grant proposal. "Our policy," the...

Will They Ever Learn?

March 31, 2011: Sometimes you just have to wonder about an organization. The other day I received a solicitation letter for the annual campaign of a major nonprofit of which I am a member. The letter began "Thank you for your generous support of the (name). As a...

Google for Nonprofits

March, 18 2011: In the past decade, Google has provided a number of tools and opportunities that have been attractive and useful to nonprofits—everything from site search engines to grants for their AdWords program. Now they have announced on the Google for Nonprofits...

Virtual “CARE” Packages

March 8, 2011: Today's New York Times has a story on the revival of CARE packages. Those old enough will remember them from the 1940s and '50s when actual boxes of food and other necessities were sent to people in need. The new CARE packages are virtual and offer...

Blackbaud 2010 Online Giving Report

March 6. 2011: Blackbaud, the nonprofit-management software company, has released its 2010 Online Giving Report. A survey of 1,812 nonprofit organizations with at least 24 months of online giving data yielded a plethora of data. Here’s a look at a sampling of the...


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