Zuri Group

Zuri Group provides hosting and additional technical support
to this site as a gift to the nonprofit community

Zuri Group works with nonprofit organizations to design and deliver technology and fundraising solutions that eliminate problems and turn opportunities into success stories. We do it on time and within budget.

Today’s nonprofits rely on technology like never before. Especially when it comes to fundraising, where highly specific knowledge and support can make the difference between a successful campaign and a fiscal crisis. At Zuri Group our expert teams of developers and designers are led by innovative strategic consultants with track records of leveraging even the best software and services to ever higher performance. We help you pick the tools you need. Show you how to use them more effectively. And when needed, develop applications to meet your specific goals.

At Zuri Group we partner with our clients. From strategy, through execution, to evaluation, we stand shoulder to shoulder with them. Call Zuri and you talk to a member of your strategic team, not a help-desk. Many use us as if we were an extension of their fundraising and information technology departments. Their success is our success.

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