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Trustees & Volunteers

Trustees & Volunteers

The board of a nonprofit organization is crucial to fundraising success. If the board is not committed to fundraising, the organization cannot reach its fundraising potential. Nearly all fundraising campaigns rely upon a cadre of committed volunteers to solicit gifts and achieve goals.

To be a board member , a trustee, is to take on multiple responsibilities. Governance and oversight of staff are perhaps the two most important. But right up there with them is the responsibility to assure the solvency of the organization and its ongoing ability to fulfill mission.

Without committed volunteers a nonprofit cannot execute a traditional fundraising campaign. Volunteers, like board members, who in reality are volunteers themselves, are proof of the commitment to the organization of a community of interest. By their involvement they vouch for the organization and its fundraising efforts. By their actions as leaders and solicitors in fundraising campaigns, they provide the opportunity for success.

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