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What’s the Real Cost of a Fundraising Opportunity?

Every fundraising opportunity has three categories of costs. One is obvious, the second is obscured by the opportunity itself, and the third is investment inherent in the structure of an organization. The first is always considered when deciding whether to pursue an opportunity. It is a direct cost. The other two are indirect. One of the indirect costs forms an either-or question and is often neither seen nor considered. The other is a question of capability. The three categories of opportunity costs are….read the full article

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Say No to Contingent Pay

"Why not work on a percentage, bonus or commission for funds raised?" I am often asked. To increasing numbers, that seems to be the new "wave" of things. They suggest that maybe the old practice of working for a salary--one that should be fair and...

When I Forgot the Meaning of Philanthropy

Recently, during a meeting at our Church, I talked to Alice, our pastoral associate, about my wife Joyce and I offering to give a special major contribution for a program she heads. Alice is in charge of a group who regularly review the cases of fellow parishioners in...

Are You Responding to Inquiries Quickly Enough?

Nonprofit organizations are not entities with the principal mission to sell their goods and services in a way that maximizes the profit that reaches the bottom line. After all they are called nonprofits. However many nonprofits do have an earned income component. And...

Say Thanks even if You Don’t Get the Grant

I was greatly saddened recently to learn of the death of a key foundation official in our area whose generous and caring philanthropy was instrumental in giving me a running start as the new and first development director of a major non-profit organization. In my...


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